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Sedation Dentistry

Not wanting to go to the dentist out of fear is more common than most think. A study distributed in the Diary of the American Dental Association found that up to 20 percent of Americans have uneasiness so extreme that it keeps them from getting the normal dental care preformed.   

A lot of mainstream media in our general public strengthens dental specialists are frightening. Motion pictures and Broadcast programs – even those meant for children – play on the possibility of the mean, startling, or savage dental practitioner. This manufactures dread in kids and absolutely does not mitigate the fears of grown-ups.   
Let us shed some light on the, what would seem, dark matter:   

Grand Rapids and Kentwood dental practitioner Dr. Bowman and Dr. Derek and their group are caring, compassionate, friendly individuals who are genuinely concerned for your health and well being. We strive for your comfort, and we will do all that we can to ensure that every treatment surpasses you expect from a dentist.   
Sedation dentistry is extremely safe, dependable, and successful. Our professionals can modify the level of your sedation in light of your individual needs. Numerous patients find that sedation dentistry helps them keep at ease in our office so they can get the exceptional care they need to ensure their dental health.   

Many sedation dentistry alternatives are sufficiently safe for children and are viable for kids who are apprehensive, experience issues sitting still, or who have special needs.  If you think that your kid may benefit by sedation dentistry, call us so we can determine which choices are best for you.

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