Second Opinion

Has a dental practitioner prescribed a treatment plan that you were not quite sure about? Indeed, even experts can make errors! There is nothing wrong with making inquiries or asking for another expert's opinion on the off chance that you are note certain a suggested treatment is a good fit for you. At Dentistry at the Springs, you are accountable for your dental wellbeing, and we need you to feel great and positive about your decision at all times.   

One of the ways we do this is by taking an ideal opportunity to clarify your condition and delineating the conceivable treatment alternatives. This could include no treatment at all. We will then clarifying what result you should expect with every choice. We will talk about your general objectives, and also any concerns you may have, and work with you to figure out which choice is the best fit for your dental goals.   

In the event that you have questions about the treatment plan your dental practitioner has suggested, please call us. Grand Rapids and Kentwood dental practitioner Dr. Robert Bowman or Dr. Derek DeVries is more than happy to give a second opinion.   

During your second opinion consultation, Dr. Bowman or Dr. Derek will listen to your history and discover more about the particular concerns you are seeking treatment for. They will perform an extensive examination and may take x-ray. He will then give his expert opinion as to which treatment alternative would be best to reach your dental goals.   

We know instruction and information sharing are a critical part of what we do. We have found over our 40 years of experience that patients who are educated are engaged, and patients who are enabled have much better treatment results and enhanced long term oral wellbeing.

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