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At Dentistry at the Springs in Kentwood, also serving Grand Rapids, Byron Center, Alto, Grandville, Wayland, and Caledonia, preventive care is one of our concerns for our patients. While we can settle an unfathomable scope of dental issues, we would much rather keep them from perpetually happening in any case! A sensible measure of preventive consideration can spare you extensive discomfort, uneasiness, and cash.   

For one thing, teeth cleanings are essential for preventing rot. Amid your cleaning, your hygienist will expel any developed plaque or tartar and check the strength of your gums. Your hygienist will additionally talk about your home care routine and search for approaches to enhance it. Why come in for preventative care if you are doing it at home? The truth of the matter is, regardless of how dependable you are with your brushing and flossing, it is basically impossible to expel all the plaque from every one of the alcoves and crevices of your teeth.      

X-rays are another essential piece of our preventive treatment arranges. X-rays permit us to see inside your teeth and underneath your gums to spot issues that are growing yet are not yet obvious on the tooth's surface. Issues are regularly simpler (and less expensive) to treat when they are little and caught in the early stages.   

Sealants are comprised of a tar like substance that is painted on to the molars to prevent depressions from popping up. Children especially need to have cleanings and regular checkups to help instill a good sense for dental hygiene.   For our athletic patients, we offer games guards. These guards are worn in the mouth while you play to shield your teeth from the dental injury that can happen from hits to the face. We as a whole know somebody who has gotten a fly ball with their teeth rather than their glove, and dental wounds can have durable impacts. Our dental professionals custom design your game guards to fit your teeth effectively with the goal that you can breathe with ease while you play.   

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