Dentistry at the Springs - Welcomes kids with special needs

Patients With Special Needs

We invite children or adults who have special needs to Dentistry at the Springs. We realize that specific developmental challenges can make getting routine dental care tricky. Kentwood dental practitioner Dr. Robert Bowman has experience treating kids and adults with special needs and knows procedures to help these patients feel good and keep calm during their treatment.   

Special needs can influence dental wellbeing in various ways. Patients with extreme introvertedness or tactile processing differences may feel on edge or uncomfortable in the seat. The commotions of the dental office might be terrifying or overstimulating. Kids or adults with ADHD may experience considerable difficulties still for a check-up or cleaning. Children and adults with Down Syndrome may have deferred dental advancement while those with cerebral paralysis may have an unordinary bite patterns. Seizure disorders can prompt injury in the mouth.   

It might be useful to schedule a consultation with Dr. Robert Bowman and talk about your unique needs and dental health. Along these lines, you and Dr. Bowman or Dr. Derek can make a dental plan for yourself or kid, while considering any special circumstances that may help the dental visit be enjoyable. We know that you know how to care for the special needs patient best, and you will without a doubt always be a valued part of the patients's dental healthcare plan. We are additionally, with your permission, consult the patient's other healthcare providers to make sure we make their visit a good one. Care coordination is frequently significant in instances of kids with Special needs.   

Sedation dentistry can be useful while treating a patient with special needs. Indeed, even mild sedation, such as nitrous oxide, will help your kid relax and make treatment less demanding. It is alright for pretty much everybody, and wears off rapidly. Reactions are uncommon. We can talk about other sedation alternatives also, especially if you the special needs patient needs more in-depth treatment.  

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