Emergencies are a terrible unavoidable truth. Dental crises, specifically, can truly ruin your day.   

We absolutely get that, and that is the reason we offer emergency dental arrangements at our Kentwood and Grand Rapids dental office. You should simply call us and inform us about what is going on. We will evaluate your circumstance and figure out if a same-day appointment is required.   

In the event that your circumstance is not critical, we will get you planned expeditiously and provide you as much comfort as possible until your appointment.

Common dental emergencies include:     
- Abscesses/contaminations     
- Fractures and cracks     
- Teeth that have been knocked free or loosened     
- Objects stuck between your teeth   
- Damage to dental restorations like fillings, crowns, or bridges     
- Soft-tissue wounds to the gums, lips, or tongue   
- Unexplained dental pain   

It's essential to note that in the event that you have heavy bleeding, suspect a broken bone, or have lost consciousness, you should go to an emergency room first.   

If you or an individual from your family has a dental emergency or is in pain, please call our Kentwood dental office today. We are ready to provide emergency care to patients in Grand Rapids, Byron Center, Alto, Grandville, Wayland, and Caledonia

Call our office today (616) 554-2100 or request an appointment!

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