Do you encounter torment, clicking, popping, or locking in the jaw joint? These are often the symptoms of a conditions known as temporomandibular (TMJ).   

 People who suffer from TMJ are likely encounter side effects such as: aches in the head, neck, or ear. For some individuals, these side effects can be disruptive to the point that they essentially diminish personal satisfaction.   

The reasons for TMJ are sometimes unknown. However, the good news is our doctors here at Dentistry at the Springs can help. Sometimes, it might be associated with facial injury. Different times, TMJ is created by ligament changes in the joint.   

In the event that you think you have TMJ, we urge you to call our Grand Rapids and Kentwood dental office immediately and schedule a consultation with Dr. Robert Bowman. Dr. Bowman has experience treating numerous others like you with TMJ. He will listen precisely to your worries and perform an exhaustive examination to take in more about your condition. Each patient is distinctive and has one of a kind concerns, and Dr. Bowman thinks about this while making your customized treatment plan.   

TMJ can frequently be dealt with conservatively. Sometimes, medication will be prescribed to diminish irritation and ease inconvenience might be combined with hot and icy treatment. In different cases, oral appliance treatment might be the approach. This treatment utilizes an apparatus worn as a part of the mouth while you rest. These are commonly referred to as night guards.   

In the most serious cases, surgery might be a fitting choice.

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