Full And Partial Dentures

Numerous individuals in this circumstance battle to eat their favorite foods, speak unmistakably, and even enjoy their smile to the fullest. Some start to distance themselves from social circumstances, cautious of what others will think about them as a result of their damaged teeth. 

We get it. You should love your smile! Your grin is a critical piece of your identity and your personality. When you look in the mirror, a damaged smile may imply that you do not currently have your best smile. This can effect even the most confident of people. 

You may likewise be reluctant to get dentures for various reasons. You may feel that you are much too young for dentures, that dentures look apparent to others and fake, or that everybody will know you are wearing dentures. Today's dentures, though, are significantly more comfortable, secure, and normal looking than the dentures of the past. More people than you may think are wearing dentures and you never would have guessed it!

At Dentistry at the Springs, Kentwood and Grand Rapids dental practitioner Dr. Robert Bowman and Dr. Derek DeVries can create both complete dentures, which are intended to supplant every one of the teeth on either the upper or the lower curve, or incomplete dentures, which are utilized to supplant various missing teeth.

To see whether dentures are a good fit for you, please call our Kentwood dental office, which likewise serves Grand Rapids, Byron Center, Alto, Grandville, Wayland, and Caledonia, and schedule a consultation with Dr. Robert Bowman or Dr. Derek DeVries today.

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