Crowns and Bridges

Damaged and/or missing teeth can not only affect your smile but can also cause harm to your physical and emotional well-being. You may find yourself unable to eat certain foods or be less likely to laugh with your friends and family. 

For damaged teeth, Dr. Bowman or Dr. Derek may place a crown, which works like a cap, over your teeth all the way to your gum line. Crowns work to conceal and protect your damaged teeth and our dental porcelain makes sure it also blends in with the rest of your beautiful smile. 

For missing teeth, Dr. Bowman or Dr. Derek uses bridges to fill in the gaps which remain still by the use of crowns he attaches to the adjacent teeth. Bridges allow for more chewing capabilities and the dental porcelain used gives you the appearance of having a full, healthy set of teeth.

Dentistry at the Springs - Crowns and Bridges

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