Infant and Toddler Oral Health Care

Before Eruption of First Tooth:

There are still things you need to do before your baby's first tooth erupts to ensure proper oral health care. After each feeding you can wipe your baby's gums down with a damp wash cloth or even use an infant gum massager. 

Young Baby and Toddler Size:

ADA recommends getting your child in for their first appointment within 6 months of their first tooth coming through. That being said, most of the time when they come in we would schedule, what we call, a "lap visit". This means your child comes with you for your regular 3, 4, or 6 month cleaning and they sit on your lap to become familiar with the process. The hygienist will look in the child's mouth but they won't do much else. They want to make the child feel as comfortable as they possibly can so when the child is ready to get routine teeth cleanings it is nothing new to them and they are not scared. 

Other Things to Know:

The rules are constantly changing about what age you can put your baby to bed with a blanket, or if the bumper on the cribs are safe or not. One thing that never changes is that you should NEVER put your child to bed with anything but water. This does not change with age either. Even adults should never drink anything besides water before they go to sleep. You've probably heard the term "baby bottle tooth decay". This doesn't only mean decay from a baby bottle. There are many other things you can do to help prevent this such as:

~Don't share saliva with your child. (eating off the same fork or spoon, or even holding their pacifier in your mouth.)

~When their teeth start to erupt it is important to brush them, and it is okay to use a extremely small amount of fluoride toothpaste until they are the age of 3. After the age of 3 it is okay to use more like a pea size amount of fluoride toothpaste. 

~Simple things like healthy eating and drinking habits can help to prevent baby bottle tooth decay, and breaking children of drinking with sippy cups but the age of 1 help to ensure natural tooth eruption. 

When your child's first tooth erupts give Dentistry at the Springs a call and get them in as soon as possible. 616-554-2100

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